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Meet the Artist: Kathy Dannerbeck

Kathy has been a prolific jewelry maker and fabric artist for years, having run her own jewelry shop. After running that store and managing a team of 25 people, she eventually decided she wanted to focus more intently on her art since stepping away from the store has concentrated since then on her silver work.

Well known for combining found objects in nature, such as beach rocks, into her art, she’s continually exploring new ways to incorporate different elements. This year, she’s infusing salmon skin leather and suede into her jewelry, putting to use materials she collected from Alaska a number of years ago. She’s also incorporating influences from her sabbatical to Morocco in 2019.

During the pandemic, Kathy has had the opportunity to spend a great deal more time on her art. Exploring different mediums, including painting and stenciling, the different techniques have influenced her jewelry making.

“I’m very much looking forward to reconnecting with people on the Tour,” Kathy said. “People are ready to be doing things as they had before, and art is one of the greatest ways to reconnect.”

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