Chaim Bezalel Painting & Mixed Media 33
Yonnah Ben Levy Acrylic & Mixed Media 33
April Brauneis Pastel & Graphit 26
Dotti Burton Acrylic, Mixed Media 22
Linda Demetre Oil 3
Marie-Claire Dole Pastel & Oil 18
Robert Dunn Watercolor & Gouache 1
John Ebner Watercolor 17
Jack Gunter Egg Tempera 2
John Hadley Acrylic, Pen & Ink 31
Kathy Hastings Photo Encaustic 7
Molly LeMaster Watercolor, Mixed Media 19
Danny Koffman Mixed Media 28
Amy Martin Oil & Acrylic 30
Frank Renlie Acrylic, Oil & Gouache 16
John Ringen Watercolor 1
Susan Rothschild Mixed Media & Digital Art 21
Michele Rushworth Oil 11
James M. Shipley Pen & Ink, Watercolor 25

Shann Spishak Oils & Watercolor 13
Helen Saunders Acrylic & Mixed Media 19
Val Paul Taylor Acrylic 8
Susan Cohen Thompson Oil 9
Nicki Wight Watercolors 15

Jason Otto Acrylic 34
Tasha Smith Collage

Jed Dorsey Acrylic 27
Lydia Crouch Collage 27

Chris Tuohy Photography Mixed Media 24

Naoko Yamamoto Painting on Porcelain 24

Janie Olson Acrylic 6

Jack Dorsey Watercolor & Oil 27

Jason Dorsey Watercolor 27

Betty Dorotik Watercolor & Acrylic 27


CAMANO ISLAND, Wash. – March 17, 2020 -- Today, the Camano Arts Association board made the decision to suspend the 2020 Camano Studio Tour in response to growing concerns about the spread of COVID-19.


The tour, which takes place over Mother’s Day weekend and weekend following every year, is a long-standing Camano Island tradition. While tour participants noted that this decision was not taken lightly, they also described that it was the right thing to do in light of the Centers for Disease Control’s (CDC) recommendation to halt gatherings of 50 people or more in addition to the proven methods of social distancing as one of the most effective means of preventing the spread of a virus that can take weeks to incubate with no symptoms.

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