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Walking Cat Studio-Watercolor | Photography

Studio #24

James M. Shipley : Most of my artwork is based upon the areas I’ve lived or visited. Being a Washington native, and living in Washington my entire life, it is obvious how much the Northwest influences my art.


WATERCOLOR / PEN & INK:  I am largely self-taught in watercolor painting and in drawing. The mediums I use most in my fine art are watercolor and pen & ink. I define my personal and unique style as a “illustrative realism.”


PHOTOGRAPHY:  My photographs are photographed digitally and then reproduced as is, or they are digitally modified, enhanced, or manipulated to create an entirely different, totally original image. The term I use for this type of technical skill is “Digital Illustration.” As a professional graphic artist -- another art skill in itself (I received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Graphic Design at Central Washington University in 1994) -- I am able to create illustrations from photographs that capture local areas in a completely different perspective or setting than anyone else.