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2019 CAA Cover Artist

Jack Gunter

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With a degree in biology and graduate training in organic chemistry, Jack taught school in Massachusetts in 1973 when he wrote and illustrated his first book, “The Gunter Papers,” which he describes as a futuristic junior high school science curriculum.

Since moving to Camano Island in 1985, Jack has created over one thousand paintings, three movies as a SAG Indie lmmaker, and eleven books, including an illustrated guide to Northwest history, narrated by a ying pig, and eight novels in the Wally Winchester adventure series.

Jack is very proud of his feature length documentary film, “Search for the Lost Paintings of Siberia,” released in February 2017. This lm was nominated for best documentary by the Maverick Movie Festival and just recently was selected into the Kiev (Kyiv) Film Festival in the Ukraine. 

Jack’s cliffside cabin on Camano Island, with its views of the Olympic Mountains, eagles and spouting whales, inspires Jack and offers him endless subjects for his egg tempera style. The painting selected for this year’s brochure cover was painted at the Camano State Park and is one of Jack’s egg tempera paintings of Native American baskets. The Coast Salish Indians and other local tribes commonly used baskets like these to gather food on Camano Island.